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Since 1996, one of the pearls of North Holland has been located in the Jan van Goyenstraat in Heemstede, on the border of Haarlem. This acclaimed restaurant knows exactly how to treat its guests, owner and host Ton Nelissen ensures that hospitality and service are paramount.

In addition to the excellent service, the food has also consistently achieved a high level for years. Cheval Blanc has had a Michelin star since 2007.

The team in the kitchen is ambitious and well attuned to each other. Chef Huub van der Velden is a true artist with his own style and taste that guarantees a continuous quality of his kitchen.

The team is inspired by seasonal products, forgotten vegetables and makes surprising creative variations on classics. This is mainly apparent in the various modern and classic cooking techniques that are used.

Each dish is prepared with care and has its own garnish, each part of which is seasoned. The final result is mouth-watering dishes.

Lunch / Menu Deschamps / A la Carte


From December we will be open again for lunch on Fridays.
Reception between 12:00 and 14:00
End Lunch 5:00 PM
During Lunch we serve the same menu as in the evening, but the Menu in the afternoon starts at 3 courses at 55.00


When composing the a la carte dishes and the Deschamps menu, we continuously respond to seasonal and regional products.

Menu "Deschamps"

Named after our chef, Huub van der Velden, a surprising market menu is served from four courses. The menu, supplemented with amuse-bouche, together give an excellent impression of our kitchen diversity of flavors. The menu is constantly changing to feature products.

Menu "Deschamps"

4 courses 80,00

5 courses 95,00 *

6 courses 110,00 **

7 courses 125,00 ***

8 courses 135,00 ****

(If you replace the dessert for cheese within the menu, we charge a supplement of 7.00)

At the Menu Deschamps or a la Carte we can offer a suitable wine arrangement for the enthusiast.

  • Per glass 9
  • Per 1/2 glass 5
  • Per 1/3 glass (bob) 3

The Menu is named after our chef Huub van der Velden. The combination of the different dishes gives an excellent impression of the diversity of flavors and techniques that our kitchen is rich. The menu is constantly changing in view of the seasonal products on the market.

Tapenade Hereford 25
Tapenade from Hereford Beef / Culatello ham / cevenne onion
sumac gel / Italian flatbread with a hint of anchovies

Wild Halibut 25/38
Roasted wild halibut / crispy salsify and pancetta
pesto from wild spinach / Jerusalem artichoke / sauce from unripe grapes (verjuice)

Trompette de la mort (Mushroom) 25/35 * 5 courses
Fried trompette de la mort / Hokkai pumpkin empanadas
smoked almonds / fried beetroot / vegetable gravy / shaved pecorino

Coquille St. Jacques 28 ** 6 courses
Roasted scallop / kohlrabi spaghetti / dune potato croutons
sauce of fenugreek, coarse mustard and capers / tarragon oil

Marinated duck liver 28 *** 7 courses
Terrine of marinated duck liver / crème brulee of wine sauerkraut / sea buckthorn berries / duck liver cream / crispy from Isot Birber

Guinea fowl 35
Guinea fowl thigh with truffle / medallion of guinea fowl and leek
crispy guinea fowl / Epoisses and potato raviolo / Brussels chicory
guinea fowl gravy

Supplement duck liver 12.00

Dessert Deschamps 12
Tart of lemon curd / mousse of caramelized orange / pear sorbet
structure of figs / vanilla wafer / cassis berry gel
Coffee with Friandise 12

Cheese 19 **** 8 courses
Cheese instead of dessert supplement 7,00

Chocolate Dessert 19
Gianduja chocolate mousse / dark chocolate and blueberry terrine
cocoa crisp / truffle of caramelized chocolate
vanilla and ruby chocolate ice cream
Chocolate instead of Dessert Deschamps supplement 7

Wine arrangement

per glass 9
per half glass 5
per 1/3 glass 3

Vegetarian menu

4 Course 75

**All our dishes may contain multiple allergens. If you are allergic to something, please let us know in advance.


Lunch Diner
Gesloten ma Gesloten
di 18:00 - 22:00
wo 18:00 - 22:00
do 18:00 - 22:00
12:00 - 14:00 vr 18:00 - 22:00
za 18:00 - 22:00
Gesloten zo Gesloten
  • Kerstavond (op 24 dec)
  • 1ste Kerstdag (op 25 dec)
  • 2de Kerstdag (op 26 dec)
  • van 27 dec t/m 27 dec
  • Oudejaarsdag (op 31 dec)
  • Nieuwjaarsdag (op 1 jan)
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